Assessors Office

Jonathan Sykes, Appraisal Technician
ext. 2017 or 231-724-6634
Tuesday 9:00a.m.-4:30p.m.

*Please call the Assessor for appointments as they may be out of the office working in the field.*

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BOARD OF REVIEW Information:
March 2023 BOR will be held on March 15th and 16th.  Call to schedule your appointment.
December 2023 BOR will be held at TBD. Call to schedule an appointment.

 For ECF Analysis please click on linkDaltonTownshipECFAnalysis 
For Information on Dalton Township Land Table please click on the link DaltonTownshipLandTables 

Dalton Township Land Division Application  N/A Muskegon County Equalization handles Dalton Township Land Division; the link directs to their application.
2021 Personal Property Statement  February 20th, annually  Must be filed yearly, unless a personal property exemption is filed.
2021 Personal Property Exemption  February 20th, annually  Must be filed by deadline. *2018 change: no longer a yearly requirement.
Veterans Property Tax Exemption Affidavit  Between December 31st and March BOR each year. *Must be filed yearly.
*Signatures must be notarized.
*A current year Qualifying VA letter is required - can be requested by contacting the Muskegon Co. Veteran's Affairs(231)-724-7143.
*A copy of the Veteran's Valid DL/ID and VA ID card.
For eligibility requirements click here.
2022 Hardship Exemption Packet/Application  After January 1, 2023 but on or before the last day of the December BOR 2023. *Applications should be submitted by the first day of December as this allows time for Dalton Township to contact you if information is missing and for you to bring in necessary missing documents.
*Hardship Exemptions granted effect the current tax year only.


 For Assessing Forms, go to or click one of the following links: