Beegle Sports Park Improvements

  • New self-contained vaulted restroom
  • Paved handicapped parking
  • Sidewalks/walkways
  • Playground improvements

Work at the Park began in the Spring of 2014.
The sign marks the completion of this phase of the Beegle Sports Park improvements (July 2016).                     Pictures are below.

A Special Thanks to:
~RJ Woodworking, who donated the new park sign.
~Preferred Landscaping, who provided landscaping for the park sign.
~Michigan's Recreational Passport Grant along with Dalton Township.

Other Partners Involved in Beegle Sports Park Improvements:

 ~West Shore Consulting  ~Accurate Excavating ~Tractor Supply
 ~Tridon Construction  ~Family Farm and Home ~Meijer

Beegle Sports Park Gallery

Basketball and Tennis Courts>gallery uploaded below<

Paved Parking

Sidewalk and Restroom

Playground and Sidewalk

Sign and Landscaping