Building Permits

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 Contractor Registration Form (required as of 4/2010)

 New structures require Zoning Land Compliance Application and Zoning approval.
Requirements for a New House Building Permit

Residential Building Application                          
Ramp, Pool, and Sign Application*
Residential  Roofing, Siding, Window(s), and Door(s) Application
Pond Permit Application*
Commercial Building Application
Commercial Sign Application*

Required Spec Sheets:
House Profile Cross Section
Energy Code (new homes)
Residential Pole Building

Help Sheets:
Residential Ramps
Air Barrier (new homes)
Homeowner Permits (when pulling permits as a homeowner acting as a contractor)

*Pond permit requires Zoning and MI DEQ approval, and
*Sign permits require a Zoning Sign Application and, if electrical, an Electrical Permit.

Refacing, altering, re-locating, etc. of signs REQUIRES ZONING APPROVAL.

Additional Information:
 Residential Fee Schedule
  Residential Valuation Chart 
  Commercial Fee Sched.
  Com. Valuation Chart

Building permit fees last revised 8/25/2014        Contacts and Basic Pricing Information below.

Dalton Township Building Inspector: (231) 766-3043 ext. 2015 OR 332-6705
 Dalton Township Zoning Department:  (231) 332-6706
 Septic Tank and Well Permits:  Environmental Health
209 E. Apple Ave.      Suite C
Muskegon, MI  49442
 Erosion Control and Soil Sediments Permits:  Muskegon Public Works

131 E Apple Avenue
Muskegon MI 49442
 Driveway Permits:  Muskegon Road Commission

 DEQ - State Pond Permits:  Grand Rapids Regional DEQ Office
(616) 356-0500
Requirements for Obtaining a Building Permit
(prior to issuance)

 One Family Dwelling

  1. Establish zoning district
    1. Front, rear, minimum side-yard and total side-yard requirements
    2. Size of structure/minimum floor area requirements
    3. Height of structure
    4. If new parcel...
      1. Proper lot size for zoning district 
      2. When a land division occurs, approval must be obtained from Township.
      3. Proof of ownership (copy of deed, etc.)
      4. Parcel number and address of site (issued by the Township)
      5. Certificate of survey
      6. Well and septic tank permit (Muskegon County Health Department)
      7. Driveway permit (Muskegon County Road Commission)
      8. Engineered truss drawings
      9. Site plan with all setbacks
      10. Set of detailed plans or drawings
        1. Front, rear, sides and a sectional drawing
        2. Anything of 3,500 sq. feet requires an architect.
      11. Michigan energy code worksheet
      12. If not own contractor, must be licensed builder in State of MI
      13. No more than one residence on one parcel
      14. Five day minimum waiting period before issuance of Building permit
      15. No concrete will be poured until a permit is issued
To Calculate Building Permit Fees
(other than ponds and residential windows/roofing/siding)

Residential - One and Two Family

Calculate a valuation from the residential cost schedule.

Use that valuation with the rate table to determine the estimated fee.


Calculate a valuation from the nonresidential cost schedule.

Use that valuation in the rate table to determine the estimated construction fee.

Calculate the plan review fee. - Add the plan review and construction fees together to determine the estimated building permit fee.



All new building permit applications will be required to have street addresses before a building permit can be issued.

Addresses are issued by Muskegon Central Dispatch; contact Shawn Grabinski at 231-722-3524.

Investigation fee shall be charged for work started without a permit pursuant to Dalton Township Ordinance #179.