Dalton Twp. Fire Department


Dalton Fire Department
1650 E. Riley Thompson Road
Muskegon, MI  49445
(231) 766-3277
Township ISO Rating: 5 <<2018 improved rating, Call Chief Styles with questions.

Dalton Township Fire Department is accepting applications

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Fire Station Contacts

Fire Chief: Alan Styles  Alan.Styles@mcd911.net direct line: (231) 332-6710
Deputy Chief: Stacia Ripley  stacia.ripley@mcd911.net direct line: (231) 332-6702
County Sherrif: Michael J.  Poulin (231) 724-6236
Silent Observer:   231-72-CRIME (231) 722-7463

Burn Permits:
1) Review the map key at the top of the page.
2) Click on "Muskegon County" on the map.
3) Look for "Dalton Township" and its guidelines and restrictions.
* The burning of leaves, grass, and garbage is prohibited.
* Keep in mind according to Michigan State Law there is NO burning in or within 1400 feet of a village or city.

Our Mission...
     To serve our community with truth, honesty, and dedication to minimize damage and provide for those in need, to educate both ourselves as well as the community we serve as we continue to grow.
We accomplish this through...
Prompt response to calls for service
Recruitment & retention of dedicated personnel
Continuous training with the most up to date information
Public education with community involvement and interaction
Pro-active Code Enforcement in a partnership with our Building Department
Systematic inspections of all Department equipment to insure operational readiness
Utilization of the National Incident Management System and operational use of the Unified Incident Command System.
Our Vision...
Duty is doing it, Pride is wearing it, and Tradition is living it.