Department Apparatus


Dalton Township Fire Station

Built in 1995, the fire station has 4 double deep or "drive thru" bays. It also has a large training room equipped with a computer and a/v equipment for state of the art trainings and meetings, as well as a small conference area/study room that the firefighters can use as well.
There are offices for both the Fire Chief and Deputy Chief respectively.  A Kitchen with a "dayroom" area are connected so that the firefighters have the home-like atmosphere when they are on duty. It has a full bathroom/shower/locker area for the firefighters along with two bunk rooms (sleeping quarters).

High efficiency lighting has recently been installed throughout the station and the parking lot in a continuing effort to "go green."

Engine_Tanker 1220


2008 Peterbilt Pumper/Tanker, this vehicle is our engine that responds to our neighboring departments for fires. It is our 2nd tanker to respond within our response area. 1220 holds 2000 gallons of water.  Cost per hour for this unit = $222.35. This vehicle is due for replacement in 2028 (without 3 years in reserve).

Engine 1222


2018 Spartan/Alexis, 4-person Engine. This is our 1st response to all structure fires. This vehicle holds 1000 gallons of water & all fire suppression equipment.  Cost per hour for this unit is $ 397.50. This vehicle was placed into service earlier in 2019; it has several upgrades including the ability to provide medical care, this now allows us to have 5 medically licensed vehicles in the fleet, allowing us to provide greater service to our residents and visitors. This vehicle replacement would be approximately 2038 (includes 3 years as reserve).

Tanker 1260 (1)


2000 Freightliner Tanker, this 2000-gallon tanker is our 1st response tanker to our primary response area, but is available to neighboring departments if requested.  Cost per hour for this unit = $129.75. This vehicle is due for replacement/re-chassing in 2023 (without 3 years in reserve).

Rescue 1270


2018 Dodge Ram 1500, this is a State licensed medical response vehicle, and a “manpower” response vehicle. This unit also carries basic EMS equipment and an AED. Cost for this unit per hour = $24.68. This vehicle should be in service 7-10 years (millage will play a factor).

1272 photo


2021 Alexis/Spartan Heavy Squad, this vehicle responds to all auto accidents as well as special rescue calls. It carries a full complement of extrication equipment (Jaws of Life), along with EMS equipment (state licensed) & other special rescue tools. Cost per hour for this unit = $450.00. This vehicle is due for replacement in 2040 (with no reserve).

ORV 1273


2007 Polaris Ranger 6x6 is an added specialty to our fleet. Since DTFD covers a large portion of the Manistee National Forest, along with numerous miles of horse trails throughout our Township, the 6x6 can go places other normal vehicles can’t. It has the ability to transport 1 patient from a remote area, as well as fire suppression capabilities on large woods or forest fires.  Cost per hour for this unit = $10.50. (Replacement time is based on usage.)

Rescue 1274


2019 Dodge Ram, 1274 is a State licensed medical response vehicle; it carries a full complement of EMS equipment, including an AED, 1274 also carries various rescue and firefighting equipment. Cost per hour for this unit = $181.45. This vehicle is due for replacement in 7-8 years; mileage is a factor (with no reserve).

Boat 1275


2015 Saturn 15ft inflatable boat, the boat is used for all water emergencies, our staff trains with the boat & water operations on a consistent basis due to the 7 lakes that are located in our primary response area, along with mutual aid requests. Cost per hour for this unit = $28.11. Replacement of this unit is based on usage.

Brush 1281 (1)
Brush 1282

1281 & 1282

These are two (2) of our Brush trucks, these vehicles respond to all brush/woods fires. DTFD received 1281 & 1282 from the MI DNR as a revolving truck program;

this allows us to have used state-owned vehicles at a fraction of the normal cost & allows us to replace it on an as needed basis.

Cost per hour per unit = $17.18. Brush vehicles typically are replaced in 15 yrs. (with an additional 3 years in reserve).

Car 1290


2020 Dodge Durango this vehicle is assigned to the Fire Chief; it carries vital equipment for management of emergency incidents, along with being licensed as an MFR (Medical First Responder) vehicle. Cost per hour for this unit = $23.18. Replacement in 5-7 years, (mileage/usage does play a factor).