Dog Licenses

*New payment options!  Credit/Debit Card payments now accepted
at Dalton Township Hall and by phone for taxes, permits, and more.  Click here for more information.*

Muskegon County Treasurer's Office is now handling Dog Licensing, not the Health Dept.

First things first.... You're a dog owner, so keep the following in mind:

  • License – License your dog and renew the license when it expires.
  • Leash – Control your dog with a leash, not more than 6 feet long, when in public places.  Muskegon County has a Leash Law.
  • Vaccinate – Keep your dog’s vaccinations, especially rabies, up-to-date.
  • Don’t Litter – Clean up after your dog and properly dispose of pet waste.
  • Prevent bites – Avoid situations that may result in your dog biting someone. If a dog bite occurs, please call (231)724-1288.
  • Spay/Neuter – Spay/neuter your dog to control the over- population of unwanted animals.

Dog License Costs Prices in Red are effective October 1, 2019.

 License Type  1 Year License 3 Year License*
 Male/Female $50.00 $145.00  $150.00
 Spayed/Neutered  $10.00  $15.00 $25.00  $45.00
Senior Citizen (62 or older)
Male/Female (unaltered)
 $25.00  $70.00
 Puppy License (4-7 months)  $10.00  $15.00  N/A

3 Year License Eligibility
To purchase a 3 year license the dog's rabies must be good for 3 years.  See the chart below to see if your dog is eligible.

 Rabies expiration date: 2020, 2021  Can purchase only a 1 year license.
 Rabies expiration date: 2022 A 3 year or 1 year license can be purchased.

Senior Citizen Pricing Eligibility
To receive Senior Citizen pricing the dog owner's date of birth (Driver's License) must be supplied at the time of purchase.  The discount affects unspayed/unneutered dogs.  You must be 62 or older at the time of purchase.

If purchasing in 2019  DOB: 1957  or earlier
If purchasing in 2020  DOB: 1958  or earlier

When to purchase your License
Muskegon County now requires your dog's license to be purchased in the month the rabies was given/expires.
2011 is a transition year.  This means if your dog's last rabies shot was given in the month of December your 2011 license has been extended until December of 2012.  This also means dogs with January rabies dates will have until the end of February 2012 to purchase their 2012 license.
Yes, it's a little confusing for December and January.
Take a breath, look below for an easy break down of when to purchase.

Newly acquired dogs must be licensed within 30 days of adoption.
Your Rabies month and License month will be the same.  Licenses must be purchased in that month.
Last year's license expiration has been extended until the 2012 month coinciding with your rabies.

 Current Rabies Expiration Month  Last Day to Purchase A Dog License
 Newly acquired dogs  Within 30 days of adoption
 January January 31st
 February  February 28th
 March  March 31st
 April  April 30th
 May  May 31st
 June June 30th
 July  July 31st
 August  August 31st
 September  September 30th
 October  October 31st
 November  November 30th
 December  December 31st

Remember you must have proof of rabies to purchase your license.
Take note: Muskegon County and Local Townships offices are closed for holidays throughout the year; hours may vary by location.

Reminder Notices - Muskegon County Mailings
In the past Muskegon County had sent out postcards reminding dog owners to renew their dog licenses (dec 1 - mar 1).
NOW:  With the changes, and the differing expiration dates....
You should receive a License Renewal Application the month before your license will expire.

Late Fees
If your license is NOT purchased in the month coinciding with the purchase/expiration month of the dog's rabies a late fee will be added accordingly:
A late fee of $5 for the first month unpaid and an additional $10 per month after the first will be added if the license is not purchased.

 One month late  $5.00 added to License Cost
 Two months late  $15.00 added to License Cost
 Three or more months late  $5.00 + $10/per month late after first

*Keep in mind, both the County and Dalton Township close for holidays throughout the year. Click here to view our scheduled closings.

Who to contact and what information is needed if....

We gave our dog away
-> Before or when you get your renewal notice/application contact Muskegon County Treasurer's Office (724-6261) or your local municipality (Dalton Township: 231-332-6709).  Either location can update the information.

We adopted a dog
->Who was the previous owner?  Has this dog gotten a rabies shot before?  Was the dog previously licensed in Muskegon County?
->If the dog was previously licensed we can simply Transfer the dog into your name (if you know the previous owner's name or last years license #)
->If the dog had a previous rabies shot, use that month to see when to buy a license.
->If you are the owner of a puppy or new dog you have 30 days from the date of adoption to purchase your license (and must have a rabies shot).

->Contact the County Treasurer's Office or local municipality to have the changes made (if know previous owner) OR
->An Application will need to be filled out and mailed/taken to the County Treasurer's Office or Municipality and should include the required documents and postage.

We moved
->If you moved to a new location in Muskegon County, contact us so we can change your address info.
->If you moved out of Muskegon County, contact us so we can remove you from the system.

Our dog passed away
->Sorry to hear that; contact us so that we can remove the dog from our system.  This will prevent you from receiving renewal reminders/info in the future for that dog.

Click here to open a .pdf application
Click here to visit the County Treasurer's Dog Licensing webpage.

Where can I purchase my dog's License?

Dalton Township  1616 E. Riley Thompson Road  Muskegon, MI 49445  (231) 766-3043 ext 2011 or 2019
Muskegon County
Treasurer's Office
 209 E. Apple Ave.
Suite 104
 Muskegon, MI  49442  (231) 724-6261
 Check with other Municipalities      

Paperwork needed to purchase a dog license:
1) Completed application.
2) Copy of Rabies Certificate.
3) Copy of spay/neuter certificate, if applicable.

If renewing/purchasing by mail include the following:
1) Copy of application
2) Copy of Rabies Certificate
3) Copy of Spay/Neuter certificate, if applicable
4) Include a self-addressed envelope with correct postage ($0.64 for 1 tag, plus $0.20 per additional tags).
5) A Check made out to and mailed to one of the following:

Dalton Township Attn: Dog Tags 1616 E. Riley Thompson Road Muskegon, MI 49445 OR
Muskegon County Treasurer 209 E. Apple Ave. Suite #104  Muskegon, MI 49442  

Contact Us:

Dalton Township  (231)
ext. 2011
or 2019
1616 E. Riley Thompson Road Muskegon 49445  OR
 Muskegon County
Treasurer's Office
   209 E. Apple Ave  Muskegon 49442  

The Muskegon County Treasurer's Office also has a webpage dedicated to Dog Licensing; click here to see it.