Fox Lake

Fox Lake is an in-land lake located in Dalton Township's Village of Lakewood Club.
The Village of Lakewood Club handles all matters with this lake and the public park located on its shores.  Currently the Village is working on Phase 2 of their Park Project, they are extending the walkway through the hills of the Park and adding an observation deck on the lake.  They plan to have this phase completed by fall of 2013.

 The Village offers several events centered around the lake throughout the year; see below for a listing of activities the Village holds each year.

 4th of July Parade
(same day as Village Fireworks)
 4th of July Fireworks
(normally held on the Saturday closest to the 4th)
 Fox Festival
(held the beginning of August)
 Trunk or Treating
(residents line up on two specific roads in the Village)

For more information, to see exact dates, and to verify that these events will be held again this year, please contact the Village of Lakewood Club at 231-894-9008, you can also visit their website at