Middle Lake

Middle Lake Information

Middle Lake is 66.5 Surface Acres; It's deepest depth is 25 feet.  Information updated September 2013.  Click here to view the new Middle Lake Map from Professional Lake Management.

Professional Lake Management is the company that Dalton Township has contracted with to survey and service Middle Lake.  If you have questions about the treatments or want to verify any of the restrictions following treatments, please contact Jamiee Conroy at PLM (1-800-382-4434).

Treatment Schedule

Week of Description Week of Description
 5/11/2020  Spring Water Quality Sampling  6/29/2020  Mid-Summer Survey, E. Coli Testing
 5/11/2020  Spring Vegetation Survey  7/27/2020  Optional Weed & Algae
 6/01/2020  Optional Weed & Algae  8/31/2020  Optional Weed, Fall WQ & AVAS Survey

DEQ permitting restrictions, national holidays, and/or weather conditions may influence the timing of treatments.  The treatment schedule is approximate.  Residents should watch the shoreline for the posting of the 8.5x11 inch yellow or green signs.  Signs will indicate the treatment date, products used, and any restrictions of the use of treated water for swimming, watering lawns, etc.
For more information and a listing of the chemicals that will be used and their restrictions, click here.*the above link brings up the 2015 notice, while the dates have changed, the chemicals and other information remains current.