North Lake


The information contained is specific to North Lake and the lakefront owners.  This page is provided by the Township for the North Lake Residents to stay up-to-date in their Special Assessment process and with all matters of the lake.  (7/24/2013)
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North Lake Basic Information:

Restorative Lake Sciences, LLC has surveyed the lake (2013):

North Lake is 68.7 acres and has an average depth of 15 feet (September 2013). Click here to learn more about RLS or visit their website at

The North Lake Association has created a Facebook page:  This page is not updated nor managed/controlled by Dalton Township.  Dalton Township does not review the facebook page and is not responsible or liable for any of the information provided within.

The 2020 Treatment Season Schedule has been released by Professional Lake Management.

Week of Description Week of Description
 5/11/2020  Spring Water Quality Sampling  6/29/2020  Optional Weed & Algae, E. coli Testing
 5/11/2020  Spring Survey  7/27/2020  Optional Weed & Algae
 6/01/2020  Weed & Algae Treatment 8/31/2020 Optional Weed; Fall WQ & AVAS Survey

DEQ permitting restrictions, national holidays, and/or weather conditions may influence the timing of treatments.  The treatment schedule is approximate.  Residents should watch the shoreline for the posting of the 8.5x11 inch yellow or green signs.  Signs will indicate the treatment date, products used, and any restrictions of the use of treated water for swimming, watering lawns, etc.
For more information and a listing of the chemicals that will be used and their restrictions, click here. (old notice with correct chemicals)

December 2013 UPDATE:

Click here to view the 2014 Newsletter from Restorative Lake Sciences.  Did you know there are fresh water jellyfish in Michigan?  This and more info in the newsletter.

Letters have gone out comparing Professional Lake Management and Restorative Lake Sciences.  Any objections/comments/concerns about the differences between the companies/pricing, feel free to contact Dalton Township Supervisor at 231-332-6700.  Any questions concerning the special assessment for Weeds should be directed toward here as well.

The 2013 Treatment Season is over.