The Dalton Township Transfer Station is open to Dalton Township residents only.
Address is 291 E. Michillinda Rd (off Russell Rd)

Hours of Operation:
  • April - October: Wednesdays 8-4 & Saturdays 8-4
  • Nov - March: Saturdays 8-4
    (passed June 20th, 2011)
Direct Questions to Dalton Township Hall: 231-766-3043


Residents using the Transfer Station are required to purchase and use punch cards.

*Garbage/Misc: Punch cards are available in the amounts of $20, $10, and $5.

*Recycling/Brush: The Annual Recycling Pass (recycling&brush) is available for $30.00 for unlimited recycling during Transfer Station Hours (only available for purchase at township hall). Alternatively, a $15 recycling punch card (recycling only) is available, covering 5 bags sized 1-55 gallons each.

Punch cards/passes can be purchased from the Township Hall with cash, check, or credit/debit card. Purchases of punch cards at the Transfer Station require EXACT cash or a check. The above changes are being made to ensure uniform charging, less handling of cash. Pricing is posted at the Transfer Station to ensure uniform charging.

2022 Free Dump Passes are now available!

The Township Board has changed the free pass from $5 to spend to "one free load up to $25." The card must be surrendered at time of use and will cover no more than twenty-five dollars. Residents can pickup their card during regular business hours at the Township Hall. Residential property only. Excludes commercial, industrial, bank owned, and vacant parcels. Limit on dump card per resident (residents with multiple properties will be issued only one card). Remitter's name must match property owner's name. Replacements will NOT be issued for lost cards. Unused passes will expire 3/31/2023.

Not allowed - Dump trucks. Contractors allowed with building permit and business address - all loads must be tarped - all loose household trash must be in bags or cans.

BRUSH: the $30 Annual Recycling Pass is required; size limit, up to 4" diameter.

RECYCLING: the $30 Annual Recycling Pass OR $15 Recycling Punch Card is required - must be purchased for Recycling & Brush up to 4" diameter. The Recycling Punch Card does NOT include brush. Acceptable recyclable items: Tin, Glass Jars, Plastic #1 through #7 (previous listed items do not need to be separated), Cardboard, Office paper, Junk mail, newspapers, and phone books.

FREE: Leaves, Grass clippings (no plastics bags allowed), concrete, fill dirt and car batteries, and any kind of metal.

Large items (boats, hot tubs, trailers, etc.) may need to be broken down at the transfer station at the attendant's discretion, so they can fit better in the dumpsters.

Below is the comparison of pricing that has been in place since 2016, and the new prices effective July 2019.

Please note most did not change, rather the list is simply more broken down.

*Recycling Pass cost has increased from $10 to $30... Costs incurred by the Township to keep recycling available is greatly increasing. We plan to continue offering the opportunity to recycle at our Transfer Station, unfortunately, some of the cost must be passed on to the users.

Item2019 effective Pricing2016 OLD pricing
Plastic Grocery Bags$1.00$1.00
13 Gallon Bags (tall kitchen)$2.00$1.00
30/33 Gallon Bags$3.00$2.00
55 Gallon Bag/Drum$4.00$2.00
Small trailer/pickup of misc. garbage*$20.00 min$20.00 min
Large trailer/pickup of misc. garbage*$25.00 min$25.00 min
6 foot or less of construction material*$60.00 min$90.00 min
Large trailer of construction material*$90.00 min$90.00 min
*truck/trailer load pricing does NOT include any of the following itemized items.
Extra small appliance (coffeemaker/toaster)$2.00(attendant discrection)
Small appliance (microwave/electronics/flat screen tv/monitor)$5.00(attendant discrection)
Mid-size appliance (dishwasher/washer/dryer/tv/stove/non-flat monitors)$10.00(attendant discretion)
Kitchen Chair/Desk Chair/Small night stand$3.00(based on truck load)
Living room chair$8.00$8.00
Loveseat/Dining table$10.00$10.00/based on truck load
Twin Mattress/Box Spring$7.00$5.00
Full Size/Larger Mattress/Box Spring$10.00$10.00
Small Stumps$3.00$3.00
Medium Stumps$5.00$5.00
Large Stumps$8.00$8.00
Trailer of stumps: single/tandem axel$35.00/$45.00$35.00/$45.00
Car/Truck Tire - NO rim$4.00$4.00
Car/Truck Tire - WITH rim$4.50.00$4.00
Semi Tire - No rim/With rim$13.50/14.00$10.00