- To Be Announced.

NOTE: Election Inspectors are paid to assist voters at the polls on election day. Training is free and allows you to work any election in the State of Michigan for the March and/or May 2020 elections. Those interested in being an election inspector for Dalton Township will also need to fill out an application above.

Multiple JOB OPENINGS ARE LISTED BELOW and on the Public Notices Page.

8/6/21 & 2/26/21.

Background checks and applications are being reviewed.
All applicants will be contacted and interviews set-up.

Board of Review Member

Dalton Township is currently seeking an alternate for the Board of Review. This board hears property tax appeals and corrects clerical errors concerning assessments in March, July, and December.

Training will be required, and provided.

Election Workers/Election Inspectors

Dalton Township is always accepting applications for Election Workers and Election Inspectors. Please use the "Election Worker" application.

Training is required and provided.

Non-Elected Boards

Non-elected Boards consist majorly of appointed persons (an elected member serves on both the PC and ZBA).

Such Boards include the Planning Commission, Zoning Board of Appeals, and Building Board of Appeals. Additionally, a Parks and Recreation Board or other such specialized boards if created by the Township.
Application to such should use the "Application to Boards and Commissions" form.

Applications for appointed positions are reviewed when a position opens but can be submitted at any time.

Applications for Election workers are always welcome.

Feel free to fill out and submit an employment application at any time.